Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That to-do list I was talking about...

It's January, so I have a lot of different to-do lists floating around on scrap pieces of paper. There's the "Grad School Application" list, the "Teaching Kindergarten" list, the "Re-arranging the Clams" list, the "Organize and Clean House" list, and so on...
This list is titled "The Yard"
- dig up, repair, and update almost all of the irrigation
- lasagna mulch where possible
a set up cold frame outside
a start seeds now (indoors and outdoors)
a prune fruitless mulberry trees and pine tree
a dig up and freecycle chitalpa trees
a plant fruit/nut trees in chicken run
- attempt to grow clover in chicken run
a plant sunflowers in as many places as possible
- finish turtle pond
- build an herb spiral
a build a pole bean tepee
- plant a three sister garden
a build raised beds around fruitless mulberry trees
areplant all desert plants into rock yard
a espalier grapes
- build a shade like structure over back porch for gourds to grow on
- repair shade structures for raised beds
aorganize shed so I can find my tools!
a get rid of oleanders and replace with something edible/useful
That's the beginning of it. :)

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