Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here comes the sun...da da da daaa

The weather has been toying with me the past few weeks. Delicious mountain air coolness one day, hot as hell the next. Southern Nevada summers are wicked and this one will be no different. My poor little chickies are so hot they spend all day in the cool, damp, and shaded rose bed. I have completely given up trying to keep them out. While my rose bed looks like a moonscape, I know that the chickens are getting some respite from the hot sun and without the rose bed there would be none. So, I'm feeling the pressure to build a grape arbor/shade structure on the south side of the house where their run is. Lou and I drew out the plans tonight and priced the supplies. I think we can build a 30' by 8' grape arbor for about $400. This season, I will strap down some green shade fabric to the top and plant some crookneck gourd seeds I harvested from a freebie gourd I got while at Cactus Joes and perhaps some European variety grapes. The Springs Preserve has a grape arbor with grapes that take the sun all day and it seems to do just fine.
While sweeping and mopping the floors today, I realized that the one thing I feel like I need to work on right now is patience. So despite my insane nagging urge to get this done and get it done NOW, I need to really research, plan, and design this carefully so that it is a quality structure that will fulfill all my needs for the time that I need it. Sigh...I should have thought of this over the winter time when it wasn't so pressing. That's the other thing I need to work on, planning ahead!

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