Monday, August 9, 2010

Teacher on summer vacation

I was planning on riding my bike in the wee cool hours of the morning to work so I can begin the long process of moving and organizing my new classroom (joy! no sarcasm here, seriously). Instead, I made myself a pot of french press coffee and read out on the lanai with the dog. It was a beautiful morning. Suddenly, I was inspired to garden. I have long ignored my wonderful yard for a few reasons, listed below:
1. The house is on the market, transitions are weird
2. It's hotter than satan's left nut
3. Everything's withering, visually discouraging
My outdoor adventures began with the pent up squash. I had orignally planned for the raised beds to be open, so this guy could wander to his heart's content, but chickens. Enough said.
In the process, I rescued two strangled tomatoes and discovered a nest of blue eggs.
I have always wanted to try out a "topsy turvy" planter for tomatoes. So, I dug out 2 5 gallon buckets from my disastrous shed, disinfected them, drilled a 2-3 in. in the bottom and painted them red. Good vibes for tomatoes.
In other garden news, the giant pumpkin has taken over! Nuts.
I'm glad to see the bees are a-pollinatin'.
A beautiful sight. I call this, "Holy Pumpkin".

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