Wednesday, March 16, 2011


2 weeks ago, I hosted a Seedbomb Making party at my house. A few good friends attended and by the end of the night we had over 60 seed bombs and at least 2 cases of empty beer bottles. This party was also helping me prepare for the bottling stage of my homebrew. :)
While researching seedbombs, I bookmarked these sites as a few of my favorite. The very first site has the recipe we used: - Tried this recipe out first. The newspaper was fun to play with and making heart-shaped seed bombs was pretty sweet, but they ended up being too dry for our climate. - Great website! This page details a variety of seedbomb recipes.

I thought this should be as free as possible. Somehow, it didn't feel as genuine if I had to buy the ingredients. So, I used clods of clay dug from the permie plot at the Tonopah Community Garden, dry compost from my own backyard bin, and a combination of loose seeds from everyone who came to the party. We ended up with regional wildflowers, vegetables, and herbs.
After they dried up, I took the dog for a walk and "planted" a few. I was picky about where I planted my bombs. I chose spots that I knew would receive some water from run-off or sprinkler. Also, the spots were generally overgrown, weedy, trashy areas that could use something pretty. I plan on keeping track with photos over the next few weeks to see if anything grows. How Vegas...always a gamble.

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