Sunday, March 6, 2011

What I learned today...

* Blue eggshells turn a beautiful green in the compost pile
* Northern Sea Oats are hardy
* I have mycellium growing through the alfalfa/straw mulch in the side yard
* Throwing rotten pumpkins is fun
* The main sprinkler pipe split from the freeze
* Moving too fast can hurt your fingers
* How to properly use a charcoal chimney starter

I spent the whole day outside. Time meant nothing. I didn't even need to eat. I listened to my iPod and sang to the dog while doing whatever it was that needed doing out in the yard. All except the smashed fingers in the door, it was a fabulous day. When I smashed my fingers, I took the next hour and a half off. I sat on the porch swing with an ice pack and watched the garden, napped in the sunshine, pet the dog, and read a little. Observation and stillness in the garden are as important as change and movement.
I grilled squash in the fire pit for dinner. It helps me pretend I'm camping.

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